About Us

In high school, I was that kid that seemed to never be paying attention. I don’t do sports and I don’t do studying as well. Actually I don’t know what I do in high schools. I’m the kid which in his own world.

When I started college I originally had no idea of what to do too. I took a degree in Civil Engineer because that’s the easiest course in engineer fields (which I been told by my student counselor in high schools) and that’s the only program that fit me at the time. Later I found out that my actual patient is a computer science. And since then I never look at the back.

I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I embrace the nerd. I like to make the web a better place. Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together.